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Reference Object in voxel room

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Hey amigo's,

This has been a previous thread (someone else's) that stopped being responded to, so thought I'd start a new one.

Is this possible now? The old thread was from 2009, so wondering if there's been an implementation of this yet?

Thanks in advance.

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I meant can you import one into the sculpt room, because that doesn't seem to work. You can import reference mesh but it goes to the paint room once you do this. Then if you go back to sculpt, it disappears.

Any ideas?

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Never used that workflow but Carlos will chime in. What happens if you paint it and then return to Sculpt?

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On 5/13/2017 at 1:54 PM, digman said:

The import  for reference mesh under the  Perform Retopology section, does need it's shader updated since 3DC went with the PBR workspace. I will mention this in the beta section.

I use this method for retopo work on an imported model.

Open a new scene and go to the sculpt room.

Drag the model file into the voxel workspace. You will get this dialog panel. Check first image I posted.

Default is" Import for Vertex Painting or Big Reference. You do not get the import dialog box, Model comes straight into 3DC's surface mode.

If your model is a good working size once imported, your good to go.

If the model is small in scale I use the below.

Again drag the model file into the 3DC workspace.

Choose Import into Voxel Space this time.

Import settings... The import dialog panel will appear.

Select import without voxelization.

Scale to a working size using the transform gizmo. Click yes to keep scale. 3DC will remember the scale of the original model upon export from any 3DC room.

Press the enter key or apply tab in the import dialog panel.

To remove the proxy object select one of the brushes in the left tool panel. 

Choose a shader to revel the forms.

Switch to the retopo for your retopo work. 


Side note--- I just tend to use the Import into Voxel Space as I can scale the model up to the working size I desire and knowing that upon export the original scale of the model is kept.

I also included a shader if you want to try it out. I use this shader for sculpting as it revels form well, doing retopo work and if I use any kind of tool that uses a mask. You can see the underlying model through the mask.  Some of the shaders black out the model completely. 

To install the shader, go to the main 3DC file menu and choose "Install Extension". Select the extension I provided. Once installed, restart 3DC.



keep scale.JPG




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In order to use to a more shaded model in the retopo using a reference object you have to select "Show relief only" and use the parking garage HDR or one  that you think works best. I would still like to see the development team update the shader  when using a reference object as it is one workflow that is able to be selected from the New Menu.

The best way though still at this time is to import your model into Surface Mode plus using a good shader. Then switch to the retopo room and do your work.

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Okay thanks a lot guys! These have all been useful.

Much appreciated.

Just one more question If I wanted to lock the reference model (lock layers), is there a way to do that?

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Is there a way to lock the reference model (lock layers) ?

Sadly no, you cant.

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