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New user feedback for the sculpt room & bugs (version 4.8.32)

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So I've been using the sculpt room to make parts for 3d printing here is some UI feedback from a new user (version : 4.8.32)

  • I really wish the buttons in the VoxTree were immutable, so an errant click wouldn't do something I don't expect. If I accidentally click something it shouldn't cause an action which changes the model in a way that I might miss and would screw me later;  specifically changing a voxel to a surface - this I think this type of change should require a more explicit action. I've now learned to constantly glance at the VoxTree to make sure I didn't errantly change a voxel into a surface, but once the voxtree becomes more complex, with mixed surfaces and voxels this task requires more mental state.  
  •  I wish the "export selected meshs" menu option would title the 'Save as' dialog with the voxel name that was being exported. So for example if I right click on the "left lower mold" voxel layer, then the dialog to save the file would have a title like "Save voxel 'left lower mold' as:"  When I'm exporting lots of meshes for printing it sucks to have the menu obscure the name of the voxel I'm exporting, or alternatively just propose a filename based upon the voxel that is being exported - I think this would overall be a better experience.
  • I wish the footer on the bottom of the display would indicate if the view was in orthographic or perspective projection, I find myself looking at the 'View' menu frequently to figure out what mode I'm in, when I'm doing operations that require a certain perspective. 

Otherwise I delayed really diving into 3d coat for a long time, because I felt it had a greater learning curve than I wanted to tackle until I could dedicate more time to it. Retrospectively I was wrong I think the hardest thing to learn, which I'm still learning is the details around what each tool do. I'd say compared to any other 3d software I've tried to use for 3d printing I find 3d coat mildly more complex, but the complexity is worth it! I think the engineering team has done a great job constructing a UI which takes an utterly complex problem and made it both powerful and approachable. 


  • When importing single meshes the dialog which pops up to manipulate the mesh doesn't always pop-up, I can induce it to pop up by clicking on the menu bar at the top of the screen.  
  • When rearranging items in the VoxTree sometimes it appears that other unrelated items get deleted, I managed to delete a few items from the VoxTree by doing this before I noticed. To reproduce create a complex Voxtree and move an item from the top of the Voxtree to the bottom, unrelated items in the middle get deleted.
  • I'm also getting crashes when I import objects into empty surface layers. To reproduce load a complex model, create a new item in the VoxTree, then change it to a surface then import an STL. 


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Your request was forwarded to dev team at support@3dcoat.com


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