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ZBrush 2019 Launch, March 5th

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As a newbie to 3D modeling/sculpting, after I purchased Cinema 4D Studio (R20), I wanted to supplement it with a dedicated 3D sculpting application, which lead me to 3D-Coat and ZBrush.  After assessing both of the said applications through their respective demo periods, I ultimately enjoyed using 3D-Coat far more than ZBrush, and decided to purchase it.  ZBrush was not intuitive to me at all.  Furthermore, I also appreciated all of the additional tools 3D-Coat provided beyond sculpting, which is now more important because I plan to remove Substance Painter/Designer from my personal 3D pipeline as a result of Adobe's acquisition of Allegorithmic.

With that said, I might give ZBrush 2019 a try in the near future. Due to its abnormal pricing model and popularity in the 3D industry, it is a low-risk investment in the long-run.  Nevertheless, I still see myself continuing to primarily use 3D-Coat for sculpting. It just works so well for my needs at this time, and has been a wonderful platform for my learning development.

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On 3/12/2019 at 2:42 AM, Taros said:

I like the zBrush ZRemesher very much. I've made a few tests and don't know a comparable software in this topic.

3D Coat does a nice autopo job, but I hope Andrew will find some time to improve the routines in the future. ZRemesher results are still the best for me.

Speaking of retopo and 3d Coat, I just stumbled on this;


There's hope!

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