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Undercut/BasRelief crash - out of virtual memory

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Me and my colleagues are using 3D coat professionally for the creation of toys. 

The tool that makes us use Coat is the Undercut and Bas Relief. 

Those tools are somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes they work like a charm and others they just don't work at all. 

Most of the times, when I have a mesh, in a voxel, I do a resample, a small one, because I can't resample real low, the loss of quality isn't something I can afford, and it works. 

Other times it just doesn't want to do it and it gives the error message that I have attached. For obvious reasons I have hidden the name of the files since I am under NDA. 

The computers we are using are

Ryzen 7 1800x 

64gb DDR4 ram

1080 or in some other cases 1070ti

and all files are running from SSD drives. 

We are using the global space and fill void operations but without any luck. Is there anyone that can help with this? It makes work that could be done in a couple of days, in one or in my case two weeks job. 

Thanks in advance. 


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Your request was submitted to development team at


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Any time you got a crash!, its possible to send this crash report to dev team.

If you did not, please send the file 


at support@3dcoat.com

to be able to better track the problem and find a solution.


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Do you have a model that generates a crash to share and be able to take a look?

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