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Venus - Personal Artwork

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Hi friends.

Here is my latest artwork. I needed something today to free my mind… So I’ve sculpted a bit in 3D Coat this morning and took the models to Blender 2.8 for a scene setup and make a small particle animation.


All is rendered in Eevee, no post fx ! Just title was added in Photoshop.

Materials are procedural, so no textures are used for the scene.
Render time about 1:15 min / frame.

Here’s a short break down, if you like to see the scene setup:

Drop me a line if you have qustions.

Best wishes

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I have not yet tried using this new version of Blender 2.80, but I am seeing beautiful works obtained by the EEVEE.
I was trying to learn a little Unreal Engine to get realistic quality on the subject of character skin. By the way, beautiful work!

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