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3D-Coat. Making of creature and render it in Corona Renderer. Part 2.

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Creating a monster in 3D-Coat and rendering in Corona Renderer - without UV and retopology. Part 2.

Video Content:

0:01 - Intro

0:18 - InfoPartners

0:22 - Important information about turning on of subtitles.

0:29 - Information having an impact on the development of the channel and the output of the following lessons.

0:45 - Continuing to edit the proportions and details of the monster by using the different brushes.

3:03 - Use the Pose tool to correct proportions.

3:19 - Creating a mask and adding details to the base layer by using the Clay brush.

4:00 AM - Adding parts with the Draw brush.

5:25 - Using the Pose Tool to correct a pose.

8:45 - CutOff-brush to remove unwanted parts.

10:10 - I make special masks with the help of Freeze, in order not to touch the separate parts during the editing of the geometry.

10:26 - Continuing to work with the Pose and Move Tool.

10:59 - I draw additional tentacles in voxel mode with the Sphere brush. Also, again - I use Freeze and CutOff.

11:30 Paint texture in Paint-Room and export to FBX.

11:39 - Import models in 3Ds Max.

11:56 - Creating CoronaSkinMtl and configuring VertexColor.

13:43 - Lighting setup in Corona Renderer.
14:15 - The ending.

14:31 -  The ending. Video preview of other lessons. A subscription button.

If you like this video:

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► Share with friends - do not be greedy =) After all, they also want to get this knowledge =)

Enjoy watching!
Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.

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