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Ninja low poly

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Started as a cloth study and ended with Noob Saibot spin inspired ninja with 40k polys. 

Sculpted baked and textured in 3dcoat ,blender for low poly uv and render.image1.thumb.png.a1776877506898624ac3708b7476f285.pngasdded.thumb.png.071b0b052c38a87a36f7f077bfa7a309.pngRender1.thumb.JPG.251829e55f52214cd0734a720c930ca9.JPGrender2.thumb.jpg.f5548ed2fd9d12fe5d324b8892072825.jpgUntitled.thumb.jpg.a383b8c2ce178bd211a1faba214b629c.jpg

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