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Please explain what happens when adding brush alphas - psd tif png

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 what happens when adding brush alphas - psd tif png?

It looks like image files like psd, tif and png are acceptable to 3dcoat. A transformation process happens such that, in the case of png, the png file is deleted. It looks like two files are created - one with mclp as an extension and an xml file describing the settings for the brush.

I assume the mclp file is some kind of standard file used by 3dc to hold graphic information in a  proprietary format. This result is around 10 times bigger than the tiff image, and maybe 12 times bigger than the png image.

Are png images converted to tif and then converted to mclp?

I am aware of a new method coming out in 3dc for representing alphas.  Will all of our old alphas in tif and png still work in this new way? Thank you.

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