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Hi Carlosan! Please consider when dust is settled to open Rygaard's thread again. Sure there was some bad talk, but overall that thread was very interesting and has really good points. 
It's shame if good discussion it included are forgotten, even if there is possibility to continue discussion in other thread. We all are diferent persons and not sharing same language so it can happen that
something is said that upset someone. But in the end no one want's to hurt anybody here. 

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It started as a really good thread until some started to get sentimental about it, like if 3DCoat was a family member or something serious. It is never good getting sensitive about a piece of software, it is just a tool and objectiveness, critisism and the whole conversation are ruined when people let feelings get in the middle, so yes, thread got ruined.

And the thing about thread is that it wasn't even about 3DCoat itself, it was about why FlippedNormals (who I don't care or understand why they are even too relevant around) say that only Zbrush matters. So It was mostly about why would people in industry, especially big studios most likely go with Zbrush even if 3DCoat and Mudbox (look at what Oats Studio does with it) and other softwares are capable of doing amazing things today. We could have talked about Mudbox the same and others but we are in a 3DCoat forum, so the focus would be on 3DCoat. But some people took it too serious, when everything was just fantasy talk, mostly the wishes 3DCoat users have about 3DCoat to improve the workflow and presence so the industry would somehow notice 3DCoat as a sculpting tool (even if that wouldn't affect me much as a user). But I didn't expect what I said to become true or be "request features" it was mostly pointing out what I see and what I don't see. 

So the thread stopped being what it was about and now people should move on and just use what Software works for them, use other tools if the tool you are using doesn't do what you want or use always 3DCoat, in the end and in most cases the result is what matters, not the process.
If someone has a feature request, there are ways to do it without a thread like that anyway. In the end it is all about Andrew, he will always be the one deciding what to implement and what not to implement, what is easy and what is harder to program, what might happen someday in life and what will never happen depending on his vision and the whole 3DCoat team.

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  • Carlosan changed the title to Just my opinion ! - Part 2

There are agents of chaos and destruction that like to do nothing more but ruin someone else's day, life, career, etc.. We try to ensure this doesn't happen, but sometimes they slip through the cracks. If you notice anyone doing this on the forum, please report their posts. It would help us greatly.

Apologies to everyone involved with this troll, and please, feel free to continue the discussion in a new thread.

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  • Carlosan changed the title to Is open.

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