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Smart material editor options enhancement requests

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Hi, I really enjoy to play with smart material editor of 3d coat, thanks. (though If 3d coat offer node base material editor, it is exciting too).:D

Then I think There are few option which may offer more user experience. and at current unfortunately we can not


1. Add option to transform and rotate, each texture  which used for layer proeperties (color normal, metalness etc) of Smart material .


Ofcourse I understand we can still transform full material (gathered as one) with each mapping type. but it change all at same time. 

When combline layers for one Material, we use many textures. then sometimes I really need to rotate image along to another one.

(eg add another stripe for roughness, but the direction need to rotate 90, to align layer 1 color stripe,,)

or transform only tiny drop images which normal and color.


2 Save texture  which include edit (in material editor texture editor), and easy copy and paste the image path to re-use for another layer properties.

what I frasrated a lttile, 3d coat do not directly open the directory of currently used texure.  Though I could see path ,, then can copy and paste file path,

but to serch each texture file with PC file system is annoying,, then we may need to copy and paste image editor curve setting too. if it is scaled, I do not know the current scale setting is used or not,,


So just right click and copy paste texture path in material image editor (with use all setting which used for the texture,)  is very useful.. 

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