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[Solved] ALT + (let go of ALT) + RMB zoom navigation like ZBrush ?

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I just jumped into 3DCoat yesterday, and so far, I'm loving the retopo'ing tools (faster workflow than Maya's Quad Draw!) and just only now looking at the painting. I come from heavy ZBrush usage, and working with a drawing tablet, Zbrush's viewport navigation controls seem to make the most sense for painting in 3D.

I looked through some posts and I have almost everything set up the way I want (RMB to rotate, ALT + RMB to pan), but Zbrush has two ways for zooming: CTRL + RMB, AND ALT + (let go) + RMB.

For those who haven't used ZBrush, if you hold down the ALT key + RMB simultaneously, then as soon as you let go of ALT, so long as you remain holding RMB, you can zoom in and out. It might sound confusing, but in the workflow in Zbrush, it feels very natural and quick, meaning panning, rotating, and zooming can all be done with a combination of ALT and RMB without having to introduce CTRL or LMB into the mix.

I see no way of replicating this functionality in 3DCoat (activating zooming if you hold ALT + RMB, then let go of ALT while still holding RMB). I'm surprised and incredibly thankful for the deep camera and hotkey customization 3DC offers, but I'm worried that this feature is so specific and precise, that there may be no way to do it. I'm skeptical but hope to be proven wrong!

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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HI and welcome !

Please try this settings

Camera > Custom Navigation


Camera  Custom Navigation.jpg

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Thanks for the reply! I originally started with the ZB-like preset, but I wasn't able to configure ALT + (let go of ALT) + RMB for zooming in and out. I did a bit more poking around and realized that the "ActionType" for the event also has to be set to ZB-like, AND also NotStrict has to be disabled (the part I was overlooking) for it to mimic the exact functionality I'm after. Kudos to the 3DCoat devs for adding SO Much customization! Thanks again Carlosan

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