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Textures disappeared after adding more objects

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Hi all,

So today I experienced a whole section of my models textures just randomly disappearing, this seemed to happen after I added some more objects to the 3Dcoat scene, I went into the texture UV editor and the UV's for the objects that lost their textures are all completely grey, like they were never textured. I have tried erasing the grey to see if my textures were underneath, but unfortunately no. I also was not working on Layer 0. I am honestly baffled and I saved over my save so there is no way of going back to an old one and just getting my work back that way... Has anyone else had a problem with textures disappearing after adding objects, and is there absolutely any way of getting them back?


Thank you.

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Are your comp specs enough ?

Are you using latest version 4.8.40 ?

Are graphic drivers uptodate ?

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