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I have been trying to render a scene in 3d coat.  I brought models into the paint room, textured them and tried to render them with Renderman.  Everything appears to work correctly except that only part of the scene renders.  The scene is composed of items on a table.  this scene renders OK with the default 3d coat renderer but Renderman only renders the table top without the items on top of it. 

Is there a way of selecting or excluding items from the render? Am I supposed to render each object separately and composite them in some way? Any help will be much appreciated.

(I have to say its a lovely render of the table top)

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I think I read somewhere it can only render 1 uv map at present. ( did you uv and paint or just vertex paint?)

I gave up on it long ago, it just wasnt playing ball.:dash2:

So now I use 3dCoat normal render for my "level 1" renders, Marmoset for an upgrade to "level 2" and just started to use Blender for my "level 3" renders....

Also bearing in mind, I avoid retopoing like the plague these days, I just vertex paint, lifes too short to sit around drawing little squares on everything.( well I do it occasionally when I really have to.)


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I think the PBR viewport + default 3DCoat render does help provide a good preview, but Renderman is a great solution for a single image, final render. Outside of that, it's just way too limited in 3DCoat. The Blender applink makes Blender a great hassle-free alternative to use as a render solution.

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