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[Solved] 3D Coat Steam Question

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1 hour ago, SBMongoose said:

Hi 3D Coat team, is there any news when 4.9 is coming to Steam?

Can you update it manually until Steam updates it. Pilgway doesn't control when they post updates.  I think, starting with V5, and maybe sooner, Andrew is going to remove 3DCoat from Steam. Steam takes nearly half of the proceeds and there really isn't any benefit for the user. 3DCoat allows up to 3 installs on different computers (like Home PC, Work, and Laptop). The only caveat is you cannot have them running concurrently/simultaneously. So, you cannot have someone at work using the license while you are using it at the same moment, at home.

The best thing to do is just install 3DCoat on your PC and install updates, yourself, whenever you want to.

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