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Dennis Nikolaidis

batch processing through command line possible ?

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I have a simple task that involves importing pointclouds with specific settings and exporting the models out. 

It can be quite a time consuming task as the point clouds are pretty large and I really don't care about previewing the models created in 3D if that slows down the process. Is there any way I can speed this process up by a batch script that goes through all point clouds in a directory automatically?

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- 3D-Coat uses AngelScript.
- Script is a text file. It is helpful to view and edit it in Notepad++ (choose "C" syntax).
- Run script via file menu "Scripts / Run Script".



The documentation added to official site http://3dcoat.com/scripting

Hope it help.

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I was interested for something less complicated than writing /constructing a tool from scratch.

It is cool that angelscript allows you to do that, but I wanted a higher level instruction like:

(pseudo code)

run import pointcloud file tool using variables A and B

export generated mesh as "name1"

delete layer.

I guess that would more closely resemble Mel scripting in Maya.

If I have to write an importer from scratch, then a mesher from scratch, then a file exporter from scratch, then it most probably defeats the purpose.

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