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2 hours ago, Silas Merlin said:

By crippling I mean the beta tools being stripped off 4.9

As for the new 2021, I take it you have not tested it yet at all ?
It has been available in beta for a long time now, you can get a copy on this thread :


Yeah I've got B55 installed. It's alright. But it doesn't have the node stuff in and there's a lot more stuff coming. I do believe there is a new interface coming...at least that's what it sounded like in their announcement. Or have I missed the node editor in B55?



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42 minutes ago, L'Ancien Regime said:


Replacing all the icons and adding Tool Groups is no small deal. Remember how drastically changed (or lack thereof) Maya and Max's refresh a few years ago, or what about ZBrush's UI? They probably made some small changes for the past 5 years or so, but it is largely the same UI. 

Obviously, it's not easy making core structural changes and thus cosmetic changes are about all that can be done, many times. There was already so much to be done that trying to restructure the core UI in time for this major release, probably just wasn't doable. I think there will be some changes to the layers and perhaps some other UI elements, coming in the near future, so this is probably not all.

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37 minutes ago, L'Ancien Regime said:

As for changing the interface radically, this is a dilemma for any program; you have the long term users that have learned the ins and outs of the program over the years, your faithful base, and they don't want the trouble of relearning a new interface which can consume a lot of time and then you have new users baffled by the arcane logic of the program. You 're going to go with the long term faithful userbase if you know what's good for you.

I don't think that is quite accurate. While it is true that some will not not like the change, they often become the change's biggest defenders after getting used to it. We saw this with Blender when it first became 2.5 and now with 2.8.
The thing to remember is that what 3DC needs most of all is growth, from a business standpoint. That is the most important factor.

If changes are made that upset some of the older user base, but attract a newer user base, what would happen? The older user base won't leave, they might complain, but that's about it. In addition new users will join the party. However if new users are not adopting the software, then all you have is the older group, which still might complaint but that's it. It's not like they have a lot of other choices at this point, and if they did not like the 3DC changes, do you think they would be fine with some other software's interface? It still involves effort.

I still contend 3DC needs some serious refinement and a new "coat of paint" if it wants to grow. Such changes can bring a lot of new energy into a project, for both users and the developers. This is especially good for software that is not exactly on the top of the food chain.

Granted this is all said without specifics, many of which have already been discussed in other threads in the past. Sometimes its harder to break a bad impression of software if the software looks or feels like nothing big has changed. I mean we still have  people refusing to use 3DC because they still remember the so called "zealous religious demands" associated with 3DC usage (which was never an accurate depiction). It is hard to erase such impressions. There were tons of artist who would not even touch Blender, until they saw the "new" 2.8 blender which looked drastically different. 


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On 3/31/2020 at 8:27 AM, Silas Merlin said:

There is something wonky with hidden voxels, I can't put my finger on what is going wrong exactly.

The thing is, it makes it difficult to work with vox hide. I think if you remember to "delete hidden" before hiding something new you avoid problems.

But otherwise, when you unhide you find yourself with old voxels you thought were gone.
Objectify hidden also brings back unwanted voxels....

and yes I am with 4.9.35

i have been confused by this issue myself. i go from voxel mode to surface then back to voxel mode to clear whatever was in the hidden memory buffer. i tried deleting caches but that didnt help with this. thanks for the tip about using delete hidden before a second operation thats a super helpful tip. that should be written into the manual. i think for 3dc21 this vox hide feature should receive more attention by devs. 

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