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Search materials/alpha feature request


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Not sure if this is the right place to post a feature request. But i`ve use 3d coat over the years as well as substance painter.



And one thing that has always bugged me (excuse pun!) is there isnt a search feature for materials and the like. I have probably 300+ smart materials. There isnt a way to list them, only thumbnail views. You have to hover your mouse, wait a second and then the name appears. Try that when you have 20+ folders of materials each container 30+ materials. Its painful.
Surely its time to have a search feature so you could just type eg. con ... and concretes would appear. Same goes for alpha brushes. This is such a useful feature in substance painter. 

*Please* add a search feature.


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Please, yes please.
I have asked about this several times, but no other user ever acknoledged this would be useful. I just don't get it, because I think this would make such a huge difference.

Also consider this : When you disable tooltips, you don't even see the names or previews when you hover over a material or shader or alpha or strip anymore !


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