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[Solved] UDIM style UVs import incorrectly (v4.9.04)

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Hi guys!


I do need urgent help here, so please consider this: I have a turbosquid .obj file (purchased legally) and I need to open it (flying dino) it's an obj. It has UDIM style UVs 3 tiles to be exact: 1001,1002,1003 and everytime I try to open it with different settings (default import, clicking import tiles as UV sets etc) I have no luck. First I had crashes, but that was due to having multiple mesh islands combined having overlapping UVS and multiple UV sets (probably a  no-no) solved that. I can import the single mesh piece finally but  now at least one of three tiles  gets abnormally scaled in U or V direction?! making it useless. The best result so far was having two intact UV tiles 1001 and 1002 but the third tile for some reason goes nuts. if anyone can open it in any 4.x version of 3DCoat I'd be greatful to learn about what I'm doing wrong. Thank you for any and all help:

The .obj in question is here: 

p.s: I'm using the latest 4.9.04. version. And the model works fine in a special UDIM branch of blender (all UDIM tiles are intact), but I'd rather paint textures in 3DCoat for obvious reasons.




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Yes, that model crash 3DCoat. Confirmed.

But after opening it on Blender and exporting no more crashes.

Bug reported



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New test.

Crash happen if Treat material as... is ON

Can you confirm if switching this option off model can be imported without troubles ?


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