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[Solved] Smart Material depth not applying correctly

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Hello, I'm having some trouble using smart materials in the Paint tab.

When I try to apply any smart material to a surface, the colour and the reflectivity maps apply correctly, but the depth map does not. I'm new to both 3D coat and to modelling/texturing in general, so it's very possible there's something I'm just not aware of. I've tried different materials and different models, so it doesn't seem like that's the issue. I've also tried reinstalling the program, and that didn't work. It's not an issue with the three icons in the top left (depth, opacity, glossiness), because all three are active. It could be because of I haven't used the retopology tools (I don't really understand retopology just yet), but I attempted to automatically retopo my model then apply the material, and that still didn't make a difference.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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No problem, I sometimes use smart materials on high poly meshes ,then actually sculpt a bit of random texture on that maybe does not align properly but you can get away with it.

I find here is no set way of doing things , it usually depends what you want your final result and destination to be to determine your process. I very rarely bother with retopo these days , I usually just sculpt, paint then render.

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