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Cannot run program beyond 3D-CoatV4_8-37-64

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I am on Win 7 64-bit Ultimate, this machine is always off of the internet. I am running on a GeoForce GTX 550 Ti, with the latest drivers. The machine has 32 GB of memory. I was running in 3D-Coat- V4_8-37-64. Since I have rarely had a problem I stupidly deleted the working version.

I downloaded and tried to run 3D-Coat-V4_9-05 and I got an error (...c0000005).

I usually run in GL mode. When that did not work I tried V4_9-04, 03, 02 and even tried V...8-39. 8-39 gave the same the same error. Even the DX mode does not work.

I downloaded the newest VC_ redistx64, downloaded and replaced OpenCL in the System\Win32 directory, deleted the directories in \mydocuments. I stopped the Antivirus. I rebooted several times. I even reinstalled the video driver.

What else can I do? Oh, and since this machine is off of the internet to void ransomware, even though I have a license, the program is trying to connect to the internet and hence the license is not working.

Any help would be appreciated.











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