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Reopen file objects missing from scene

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Meant to post this here, accidentally posted in regular 3DCoat forum, if that one can please be deleted.

I'd been working for days on a model and when I went to bed last night I saved it and closed 3DCoat. Nothing seemed amiss. I open it today, all layers are still there, the last actions I took were there, but most of the objects in other layers are gone. Of a nearly entire dragon skeleton, all that's left is the ribcage, hip bones and fleshed out head. What on earth happened to my save? Is it lost for good? How can I recover the objects in the layers that are failing to show?

If it helps any, I'm in version 4.8.37

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Was Preferences > Autosave switched on ?

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Unfortunately I think you are right, defective disk, error while saving the file.

You are using an earlier version than the current one (it is 4.9.5) which solved many old bugs.

It is always convenient to be versioning the projects (name_01, name_02...) to be able to return to the previous version in case of any problem.

On latest version, to keep autosave option switched ON in Preferences is saver too.



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