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Modeling jogurt bottle

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I need few ideas how to model simple bootle for jogurt. Problem is that I have physical bottle, I need to photo it and make same looking model. For shape I do not have problems. Problem is to make identical label on it. 

I take a lot of images from side and then simply project them in paint room with image tool. Then there is a lot of work in PS to fix albedo because of not perfect projection. 

Any ideas.

My idea was to use photgrammetry to capture high poly model and bake to low poly. 

But do you have idea in paint room how can be projected easy?

Thnx for help

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Also I want to project this label from image onto model. Shape is not a problem, but taking label from rounded edges when it have some image on it is very difficult. 

Any ideas?

I used to make all sides photo, make same UV projections and use image tool in paint room to stick imeges on all sides. Rounded angles are problematic especially when they have image or letters. It takes a lot of time to fix map in PS. 



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