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Special cutting pattern from human model

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Hi guys, I usually use made to measure models from makehuman to obtain cutting patterns for my catsuits in 3DCoat.

Lately I want to obtain a cutting pattern for a suit as seen in the attachment.

Can anybody give me an idea how to do this? I have to bring the body in this position with the flexed limbs and then sort of 

coat it closely with a surface. HOW DO I DO THIS??? If you mention other programs be aware I don't have experience with them, probably.



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21 hours ago, L'Ancien Regime said:

Marvelous Designer is the ultimate (CLO3d is the commercial version for actually manufacturing clothes).



The thing is that (as I remember correctly) you have to have the models in the first place and the unfolding process works the wrong way, namely you draw your patterns 2D and then tamper on your model. So, MD is only in theory the "ultimate" if there is any program who can claim this title. But I am not familiar with the latest version, so I cannot tell if they fixed the shortcomings.

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