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3DCoat Sketch Tool for Hardsurface Design, by Anton Tenitsky


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9 minutes ago, sprayer said:



1 hour ago, Carlosan said:

Is not working, sorry :(

Bug reported. 

Thanks a lot Carlosan. Are there any versions that do work? I've uninstalled 9.52 and installed 9.54 and the problem remains the same.  And thank you too sprayer.

It's too bad because I've never liked the sketch tool before; I thought it was cheap and dumb but that Tenitsky tutorial shows it's new form off to good effect. It produces some very cool work now.

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I have a question though on using the shaping tools to lay out the black and white areas that become voxelized dimensional objects in  Sketch Tool; they're the same shapes you use for Cut Off Tool, where they work fine. But in the context of the Sketch tool there's one important shape that doesn't work well at all; the Closed Spline goes wonky on you.




When you try to use it by clicking the spline points within the Sketch Tool box it shoots right off to a point far from the target area and the Sketch Tool box refuses to allow any curve points to be placed inside it.




It would be useful in the Sketch Tool context if we had access to drawing with this spline.


And one other question; when Tenitsky has drawn a circle or square in Sketch Tool to the size and dimensions he desires, he can slide its location around the Sketch Tool box with some hot key or something before he has released his mouse button and formed the blob of voxels in the Sketch box.  Any ideas on what that technique/hot key is?

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Reported. Thanks for the heads up.


20.07.20 4.9.55 (stable)

- Correct job of Sketch tool, correct interaction of sketch with new curves.

- Correct move for move in voxel move when there is no immediate voxelization.

- Correct support of selected volumes during Sculpt booleans. 3D-Coat tries to keep selection unchanged whenever possible.

- I hope Activity finally fixed


And this is just 5% of what is done since last build, but everything else is not ready, so I exposed only stable part of changes.

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