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Great balls of voxels

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Actually it's in surface mode but that didn't roll off the tongue as well.

Hello! It's been a while :S (sorry!) I wanted to come back and show off all the stuff I've learned over the last [checks] 3 years x_x but I've had to ask for help instead ^_^;

Can someone please tell me what might be causing these shenanigans so I can fix it?


It started out like this:


I have a retopo mesh in the retopo room and I've been doing "Bake sculpt mesh onto paint room mesh" (although it doesn't seem to have made any difference what baking option I used and whether there was dithering or an existing paint room mesh or not, I've been trying many things x_x):


The explosion in the first pic happens at some point before or at the beginning of the bake (I don't actually know how the baking process works which is probably the entirety of the problem) and then I end up with this entertaining result in the paint room XD:


My wild guesses are there's something screwy with the sculpt mesh (I did run the mesh doctor tool over it in the sculpt room, it can do everything but the flipped faces thing, that makes it claim it's out of virtual memory even though it never maxes out my ram and barely touches my swap, and then it crashes and burns o_O) or how I'm doing the shells (I literally have no idea what I'm doing there, I'm a bit hopeless at baking).  I don't recall having this issue with my last model (which was a bit more complicated) and I'm pretty sure I did the same or similar enough steps.

If worse comes to worse I can just paint the normal map myself in the interests of finishing this character but I'd like to know what I'm breaking :)

I'm using 3dC 4.8.23(GL64) which seems to be the latest linux beta, the operating system is Manjaro 18.1.1.

Feel free to yell at me if I missed anything that might be useful.

Thanks :D

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I'm the only one on the entire internet with this problem eh, ahh nothing unusual there XD

So I eventually figured out that I could export the sculpt mesh (I'm super slow and while I realised the menus were contextual I didn't really realise the menus were contextual x_x) so I did that with no reduction (because reduction lost some tiny details), imported it into a new file, imported my retopo mesh and baked that with inside scan of 1 and outside scan of 2 (the inside scan had to be a non-zero integer for whatever reason, then the outside scan had to be not as huge as I'd been making it in previous tests) and the snap to closest along normal and we got somewhere ^_^


Not quite perfect (mostly because I don't know how to use the brush thingi that's on the bake tool) but a hell of a lot easier to clean up than my last attempts :)

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