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[REQUEST / SUGGESTION] Layers folder (group) in the paint room should have a Pass Through blending option


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3D Coat layers folder doesn't support Pass Through as far as I know and this make it (folders) a bit useless if you want to organize layers with independent blending modes inside.
Nowadays any paint software has pass through, enable by default or as an option to be activated if you need it.
Krita, Photoshop, Affinity, GIMP....  You will find pass through everywhere because it's part of a common workflow and allows better organization of layer stacks that serve the same purpose.
At the moment in 3D Coat it is impossible to organize layers properly because you have to work with the limitation of a folder/group which does not allow layers to function independently within.

A pass through blending option would be really welcome. 
If it is really difficult to add this blending (AS OPTION), I suggest a new folder/group type, just a "invisible" container you can use to hold organize layers as the actual folder without any influence on the blendings inside the folder and below

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With 2021 out now, I was trying to get into 3D Coat painting tools again. After learning to further understand it and try to get over the fact that there are no B+W layer masks to control layer opacity whatsoever, I found it hard to believe and was very surprised that there is no pass-through mode for layer groups. Coming from years of experience in Substance Painter and using Affinity Photo and Krita, sadly, I can not use a paint system for PBR texturing without this, no matter how cool it otherwise seems.

There is already a lack of Folder icons, which makes organizing layers difficult from a visuals' standpoint. Layer groups should be visually distinguishable and take off the cognitive load and eye strain to detect them during a painting session. For this reason, Substance Painter (and basically any other image editing software) has folder icons , or even the ability to assign colors to layer groups in the latest versions.

Basic usability stuff like this is essential before adding all the more detailed features. Organization on the most basic level is what makes professional users appealed to the workflow.

The painting system in 3D Coat has great potential, but the workflow to me feels a bit like all over the place. It is often said in the official training videos that it was designed to mimic Photoshop and should work the same way. Yet, it does not on a fundamental level. No masking other than "invisible" clip mask layers. No real distinction for groups other than acting as expandable parents. And then even no possibility to use those as containers for organizational purposes only without influencing their blending behavior.

Now, after trying 2021, for me, it takes away all the potential that I see in this app for texturing. For me, it is a showstopper having to deal with this stuff, no matter how great and organic the painting feels otherwise . Those things just pile up too much, and I can not afford to spend any more time learning to work around those things and not use Substance Painter or other texturing apps (Marmoset, Mixer) with a much more straight forward and logical workflow.

How can I even tile a texture, for example? Why is there no numerical tiling value in a texturing app for games. Also not a great fan of waving a slow rectangular "Smart Material Preview" into my face that does not even show the material at my true Texel Density. This preview would not be needed if the workflow would work with masks and hence be more non destructive.

Let alone the fact that for a painting app, dragging sliders to fine adjust layer opacity is still terribly slow, which I found disappointing to see still in 2021. Almost unusable for quick and fine-tuning of textures.

I tried to get into 3D Coat 3 times. The new retopo and modeling tools appeal to me, the modeling tools are a great addition. Overall, a great app. But painting is still stubborn for me to get into with those strange problems and behaviors making it unnecessarily difficult to handle for complex PBR workflows.

Sorry for digressing a bit, yeah, not having pass through, was the cherry on top for me that keeps me from further learning to texture in 3D Coat. Simply can't afford to choose a workflow that makes stuff more difficult.

You guys have achieved a marvelous app and with Texture now, you have the chance to a real competitor. I hope you take this constructive crit into consideration. There is no point in trying to "be different" just for being different sake, when everyone is used to how basic workflows in image editing programs work. Unifying and freeing up the barriers in the workflow would really help 3D coat tick out also in the field of texturing. Currently, I feel, it is not there when compared to competitors

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Dear Developers,

is this suggestion maybe taken into account for future paint layer handling in 3D Coat/Textura?

Or shall I create a new feature request?

Painting feels really awesome in 3D Coat, in fact, no other app offers this type of organic feel in 3D painting, plus all the awesome selection, stencil and curve tools. I love for example the stamp mode, it is like a dream come true coming from zbrush poly paint. I always wished for somehting like that for per pixel painting. It is really amazing.

That's why I like to get more into it also for PBR, not only handpainted (for which missing passthrough mode is not as painful as it is with more complex layer stacks).

It are really only a few things missing to round it up well. I would be really curious to try it out more, especially now with the vast library of good looking smart materials and integrated Quixel Megascans (3D Coat is far more mature artistically than Quixel Mixer, actually miles ahead in that regard).

Only these minor things currently holding me back (and probably others as well who are well experienced in other texutring apps), which are mainly Passthrough blend mode and lack of real B+W masks.

By having a pass through option, you could also use the "color Operations" tool non-destructively, for example, to saturate layers below without having to work on the actual layer. This another huge benefit cause 3D Coat does not seem to have any adjustment layers, which are another crucial element for texturing work if you are not planning to constantly send back/forth your textures into an image editor.

It is a bit sad, I feel like everyhting is there plus the amazing paint feel. It is just so much left to unlock 3dcoats true texturing potential as a serious option for non handpainted texturing work.

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