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[Solved] Retopo Room Mesh

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Hello everyone. I've been using 3D Coat for a couple of years, and recently doing more retopo with it. I'm trying to figure out how to clear or remove the mesh in the retopo room that appears after Baking W/Normal Map per pixel.

I'm including an image to show what I mean. You will notice that all layers are hidden, yet a couple of meshes are still showing in the view. How do I clear this mesh? I'd like to bake a new mesh, but these are in the way.





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Windows -> Panels -> Paint Objects

If there is anyone delete it. 

Meshes still showing disappear ?

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Yes! Perfect! Thank you very much. I think I actually did this before but just couldn't remember where to go.

I teach 3D Coat in the Animation program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. Our students are creating some amazing work with this program (we switched over from Mudbox). We 3D Print a lot of the work they do here.

I will likely make a tutorial video for them showing this process as well.

Once again, thank you for the quick reply.

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