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UV Unwrap freezing up during marking seams....


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I've never had this issue with prior version but with both the latest update of 4.9.15 & 4.9.17  the UV unwrap feature not working properly.
I'm working with a  30,000 poly model and 3d-coat freezes for like 30 seconds every time I mark a seam or edge loop during UV unwrap.
The issue doesn't happen when I use UV Path features.  It has been doing this for hours.  I might get a rare snippet of time where I won't get any brief freeze ups.
I mainly work in the retopo room but I tried it in the UV room and it freezes up there too.  I normally run GL mode in the because my computer is fast enough but I might try DX mode to test.

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Darn. It's a Mac version. :(
Thanks for your help with this Carlosan.
I have been encountering so many problems with the uv unwrap in 4.9.17.  It's driving me nuts. 
I can't even save the UV sets now so the obj I save out won't have my updated uvs.  Keeps crashing.
 I hope I don't several hours of unwrap work. 

It's weird Pilgway doesn't list older 4.9 on their "older version downloads" webpage either.
They have 4.8 and prior.  Anywhere else you think I could get 4.9.01? Thanks.

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