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[Solved] Curve Chains models are missing on 3D-coat 4.9.17

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Hello and happy new year :)

With the new version of 3D-coat, I cannot find the usual chain model in order to create a curve around a neck.

Now, the "Chain model proposed is wrong" because in fact is a rope.

How to find the correct model used on the previous version ?

Here is my screen shot:


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Hi Carlosan,

No, it was not on default tab.

I have download and install you file.pack and the chain curve is now available.

Thank you very much :)




Sorry but I have an issue when I'm using the new chain because the chain links do not cross.

Now the real result is:



And the expected result will be:



Is it possible to improve that ?

I wish you a good day.

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to be improve

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