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[Feature] Evenly distribute/align UV islands

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I've come across a situation where I have similar UV islands that I would like to be evenly aligned/distributed on my UV space. Is there a way in 3D Coat is able to do this? For example in an image editing program the equivalent of this would be like aligning several layers to to the right, top, evenly spaced, etc.

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We don't have tools to align, but if you need the same pack islands for overlapping, you can do it using ctrl + c and ctrl + v

Click the island to select the one you want to move and press Ctrl+C

Select the island where you want to overlap it and press Ctrl+V

If they are the same, the first island will move on the last selected and is overlapped

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Thanks, yeah I knew about the overlapping feature (which is great to have). I had come across a situation where I needed different textures on two separate islands and if the UV's were evenly aligned copying the data from one to the other would be a bit quicker. I'm not sure if an align feature for UV's could come in the future but definitely would be useful for sure.

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