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Adding detail to a scan faked from vertex color - by Silas Merlin

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The mesh is subivided a few time. I am using the sculpt layers (beta) feature of 3d-Coat to paint depth directly on the high poly. I have turned the painting mode to "more on bright", and tweaked the degree. This makes it so that it will only paint on bright pixels (vertices in this case) from the current layer.

I am using the paintbrush with only depth enabled (color and shine disabled) The alpha is a very smooth point in the middle. Brush depth value is 1500. Now, with this setup, when I brush on the surface, it displaces the bright vertices, adding detail from the texture of the scan.

The subject being lit from the sky, bumps are naturally brighter, which is why this works. For this test I am not using pressure for depth, but in a real use case I certainly would. This way I could modulate the pressure, depending whether the area is generally dark or not.



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