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[Solved] Importing objects outside brush

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I want to use in my model some subtractive obj model (from here: https://gumroad.com/l/GTbjm). When I choose one of the 3d models from this pack and I set "On Brush" in "Import tool" option I can see that this object is far beyond center of the brush. It is impossible for me to precise place the object where I want.

I tried to fix it by going into "transform" place option and play with scale and axis, but when I returned into On brush option again nothing changed. 

Is there something wrong I`m doing? This is strange, because when I start new file with some basic cube everything seems to be fine. So propabally I set something off in my scene settings but I`m not sure where to find it.

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Hi Carlosan, 

Sorry to bother you. I found a simple solution. I had to reset scene scale ("Geometry" menu > Edit Scene Scale > set everything to 0) and it worked as it should. 

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