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[Solved] Problems with baking using autosmooth

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Can you please explain to me why I have problems with baking. 

1. Ok, I bake hrom high to low poly

2. Select auto smooth angle to 30 (default)

3. I get nasty looking edges un uv seams.


When I do not use autosmoothinng angle then it is relatively ok. 

Can you please explain me those small baking problems. 

Why I get normal map seams on uv edges? Than it means it is bug, if I check autosmoothing angle result is always bad. Why we have that feature if it doesnt work

I really need this feature to get sharp edges. Now it is unusable. I always have nasty uv jaggy seams on normal map. When I delete baked  normal map problem is not visible.

I mean this is basic stuff, why I need sculpting if I can not bake properly?

Can you please try the same? Simly use one sculpt model, make lowpoly in retopo, make uvs and bake from high to low with autosmothing angle with deafult angle 30. Do you get nasty edges on uv seams?

Is it some settings in my computer or open gla or directx version? I tried both versions. Same result. 4.9.20


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Is a regression bug, was reported.

 I hope to see it resolved soon.

Thanks for pointing it.



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Yes that is the same problem I have. Do you know when will be resolved? It is very important thing, basic one, how to bake good


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I have reported this bug, but for a more detailed answer it is always better to send the question to support@3dcoat.com



testing 5.03.20 4.9.27 [beta] i found it solved. Will be nice if any1 could do another test.



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