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cartoon bear and weasel

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Hi there

here in Italy we stay at home due to corona virus spreading all over the country, so I take this time to model and print some cool creatures for my children.

I take the references from a child book, and modeled this two characters using 3d coat, and then printed with my fdm printer.

But I have one question : i was used to model toon character in blender using a lot of subdivision surfaces, so i have only few vertices to move and always obtain a smoooth surface all over the model....this is not possible in 3d coat and his tools....or am I wrong? I'm asking this because i found that a lot of work need to be done in order to obtain smooth surfaces with all this triangles, and this job was not so easy and often boring and painful...do you have some suggestion for modeling toon with smooth surfaces in 3dc?


thanks in advance, hope you like this 2 characters.


donnola 01.jpg

orso 02.jpg

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Nice characters !!! :clapping:

If you are working on Voxel Mode (V), yes. Need a lot of layer density to keep details.

Once you have block silhouette to create the model base shape, switch to Surface Mode (S) to add fine details.




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