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Retopology tutorial for Zbrush/Maya user


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I bought 3D coat based on a peer recommendation for its retopology/UV tools. Is there a good and thorought guide on how retopology and UV tools work in 3D coat with an import from Zbrush? I searched a bit on youtube and found some but not knowing if these are using the latest version of 3D coat I'm not sure if they're relevant. Any recommendations? 

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I'm trying to learn a similar workflow, ie. taking my ZBrush mesh into 3D Coat for retopo & UVs, then also learning handpainted texturing in 3D Coat. I made a youtube playlist of some UV tutorials, since I haven't been able to find many courses that take you through a pipeline usage more fully.


I'm planning on learning what I can from these and also looking at some courses on Udemy and those from Anton Tenitsky.


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Just found these on retopo from Danny Mac 3D. They also show his ZBrush initial prep of models.



He also has Gumroad tutorials for sale.

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i would rec you watch some of the old vids as well. alot of the tools are still same. some new but alot same. this is my gen 3dcoat playlist 237 vids on anything you might want to know..

this guys tuts are really good

and these as well.



i focus on the game dev pipeline for output to games...again some vids old but can learn alot most basic tools work sim or same.

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