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3D coat procedure with a tutorial

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I was just doing Anton's giant mech tutorial and ran into a problem or maybe not. I am not even sure at this point, Anton uses the high res default figure and then duplicates it. Then does what he calls "cleans" the copy. Which I am assuming he it deleting the copy of the figure with some sort of script. So I manually deleted the figure on the duplicate layer to emulate what he performed. Then with the duplicate layer he uses the carve brush with the square brush and starts to sketch on top of the original figure. He then changes the color of the PBR shader to black while the original figure on the main layer is polymer blue.

I tried this and it keeps selecting the base figure am I really missing some technique here? I am so lost at this point. I tried everything I could think of with no luck for over an hour. Any guidance provided would be greatly appreciated.

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