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UNIGINE game engine Community SDK Released

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UNIGINE announces the launch of the UNIGINE 2 Community SDK, allowing anyone to create "photorealistic virtual worlds" for free. Word is: "To support creative endeavors of individual enthusiasts and small projects, scientists, students, and non-profit organizations from all over the world, UNIGINE launches a highly anticipated free Community edition of its real-time 3D engine." Here's the announcement:

The UNIGINE 2 Community SDK makes the same 3D rendering technology used by leading enterprises available to a global community of programmers and digital artists. Individual developers or projects with annual revenue or funding not higher than 100,000 USD, and non-profit organizations can leverage from the main features of the engine, including photorealistic visual quality, VR optimizations, both C++ and C# APIs, a library of ready-to-use high-level objects, and a visual scene editor. This will enable the creation of various applications with 3D graphics: games, animation, architecture visualization, VR apps, product visualization, interactive art, and much more.


The enterprise-grade features, like large world support with virtual scenes as expansive as the solar system, distributed simulation over a network, embedding into proprietary apps, an extended set of GIS/CAD data formats, advanced video output, professional motion capture, and many others are available in the commercial SDK editions—UNIGINE 2 Engineering and UNIGINE 2 Sim.

Continue here to read the full story.

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UNIGINE 2.12: Faster Physics, Better Clouds, Earthworks Demo, Advanced Particle Systems

Key Changes
Improved particles simulation with advanced control
2x physics performance optimization
Better clouds and atmosphere improvements
Advanced control over Landscape Terrain details
New Earthworks demo
.NET Core 3.1 integration and C# API improvements
Multiple IG and Syncker improvements, dead reckoning for DIS protocol
New content add-ons: Airport and Industrial assets
UnigineEditor product in the Sim edition


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