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[Solved] Dark edges on alpha brush in paint room

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Hi everyone.

I have a problem with an alpha brush I've installed. When I use a smaller brush radius (~ 1.200), dark edges begin to appear on my strokes.


I've looked at a few threads reporting similar issues. My brush appears to have been set up properly so I don't understand what's going on.

Thanks in advance.

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Cant replicate but hope this help


On 1/2/2015 at 1:51 PM, digman said:

The below will get you started. It is very easy to create alphas for 3DCoat.

First, you will need any paint program that will save PSD files like Photoshop...

Check the image I uploaded and look at the 4 layers. That is the convention that 3DCoat uses for all it's alphas and strips.


3DCoat uses 127,127,127 grey for zero depth. Any lighter grey will be height and any darker grey will be negative height (intrusions) HeightMap layer.

Pure white for the Specular layer

Pure black for the EraseMask layer.

Color Layer is a transparent layer.

Make sure the layers names are correct as shown in my image.

Size of image is 512x512 or 1024x1024


What I do is first create my alpha image on the color layer and after I am done, I duplicate the color layer.

Next I merge the bottom color layer to the heightmap layer.

Then I rename the duplicate color layer to Color.

Side Note: I normally slightly blur my color and height map layer. It helps to get rid of any jaggy edges when using the alpha or strip.

Save the file as a PSD file.

Open up 3DCoat, Click on new and Select your PSD file.

Done for Alpha creating.


Strips and Alphas can both use obj models as a base for you to use. Select an obj model and 3DCoat will open a panel for you to adjust the model. Then after that it will be ready to use as a strip or regular alpha. 3DCoat will create the 4 layers for you...



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Hmm none of these seem to have an effect. I have another very simple brush to try to find what causes the problem.


As you can see, my brush is a simple sharp white circle. But in 3DC, the alpha that displays on the cursors has some sort of "elevation" on it: lighter borders on top, dark borders on the botton. The dark edges seem to follow these unwanted "shadows".


(Sorry for the low quality. I only have an Amateur license and am limited to 2048 size textures)


It also seems like this testing brush has the same problem even with bigger radius. I'm practically convinced this is due to some sort of setting I'm overlooking in the software.


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Try latest version please, several issues whit brush paint was fixed.

Radius Fall off on any tool so that for example, a Pen tool/brush, be it .obj .bmp can fade out more or less at the radial edge. Is at 0 value ?

Edit > Preference > Brushing

Turn Focal Shift and Fall off ON to check.


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Yes I downloaded the latest version, the issue still persists.

Those settings are all at 0 and depth is deactivated.


Pushing fall-off up to 80% seems to help:


I also downloaded a brush you made that I have found on another thread on this forum and it works perfectly with falloff at 0%. Mine are setup exactly like that one so I'm really confused.


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Thank you for trying to help me. It's even weirder since I have also installed the 4.9.40 macOS version on my Mac using the free trial and the same issue appears anyway.

EDIT: I'm sorry but it still doesn't seem to work :unsure:


EDIT2: Enabling "Paint with dabs" helps with the problem but it's more like a "treatment for the symptoms" than a definitive fix, as there are still multiple black dots that keep appearing.


I've played around with the size and blur of the Color layer but it didn't have any effect.

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