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Hey everyone,

I started learning 3D Coat few days ago (at last). First attempt was (of course) some random things and shapes which started to look like spaceship, so I rendered it and threw it into PS for some overpainting and here's result:



Yesterday I started watching someone designing vehicle on youtube and started doing wheel because it blew my mind how you can add and substract primitives while working on shapes. With some simple wheel done I started tinkering with some APC-kind-of-vehicle but I threw idea away and opted for something less militaristic and this led me to the second model:




It took me around 6-7 hours of modeling yesterday and another 2 today playing with lights and rendering + basic compositing in Photoshop.


I am starting to love this software :) now I need to watch some more tutorials, get a gist of what techniques work where, try some good ol' sculpting :)






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I've spent evening on designing mech- I added new parts of the leg and flipped some stuff to get the whole frame visible. There's blockout for central processing unit and sensors (cockpit like stuff) and backpiece- probably boosters for military version and storage for civilian/engineering version. I plan to drop current placement for guns and place them on mounts higher up on forearm part... If I even keep it military in purpose- some heavy construcion rig with manipulators, plasma cutters and heavy welding equpiment rattles inside my head :)




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