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Just wondering if 3d coat has the ability to assign color id for export into a paint program where each object has color id for easy selection. This would be ideal for painting over 3d objects in 2d. I think Ive asked this question once before but cant find the past post. Im use to 3d coat and would rather not have to use another program like zbrush ect to accomplish that. If 3d coat doesn't have that capability I wonder if it would be something to consider.

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Unfortunately it is still not possible to do that export directly

If you have the ID map, import it with  Textures > import Layers Colors.

This is the workaround

On 7/11/2017 at 8:30 PM, digman said:

Is the color ID map for 3DC or another application like SP or SD etc...

There is no auto color ID maker in 3DC. I do not know of a script off hand though there might be one or if is possible to script one for 3DC.

You can though use the texture editor window to fill each uv island with a separate base color and then export that has a PSD file for external use using Textures menu--- All layers color. This will save the color map with no bleed on the uv islands. It has been so long since I done this you will have to test yourself. Test a simple object first to save time to see what works.  If you need a single layer image file, you can save the psd file as a png file using the many image editors out there or photoshop.

Maybe someone else will jump in and post here a better or more detailed workflow. 

Here is a video though not in English. It appears he made the color ID map using Photoshop then imported that into 3DC using "All layers color" Maybe it will give you some ideas.


Remember I am just doing the best to help though it might not meet your specific needs.

The example color ID map image converted to a png file.

The second image is one that is exported in the normal fashion which would include the uv island bleed which is not what you want for a color ID map.




old post link...

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Thanks, Carlosan. This was very helpful. Yes I want to export the id color map to an external 2d paint program like Corel Painter or photoshop. I saw a video on how easy it is to select items in the paint program with a color map. I will try what you suggested. I wonder if I could import a sculpt from 3d coat to blender and creat id color map from there. Saw a simple video on it on you tube. I inquired into this because I want to start painting textures in a paint program. What is called painting over 3d. Texture painting in 3dc is good and fun but I don't get the results I want. Again, thanks, I'll try what you suggested and see what happens.

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