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[Script] Surface Remesh by kritskiy

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Found it on Discord channel

victortan: hey guys, so when im sculpting in surface mode, sometimes i want to remesh, i switch back to voxels then back to surface mode, is there a better way to do this?
victortan: i tend to lose the sharp details that i have to go over the model again
kritskiy: @victortan I made myself a script that resamples a model with a very low density modular factor value in surface mode: running it keeps the details and resamples the model to constant density. Here if you wanna give it a go:
victortan: oh man thanks alot!
victortan: its just run script whenever i need a remesh?
kritskiy: yup
kritskiy: I've assigned it to a keyboard shortcut and spam it to remesh
victortan: nice, just tried it works great so far


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Isnt it ?




// Resamples a Surface model with low modular density
// Sergey Kritskiy © 2020
// kritskiy.sergey@gmail.com

void main() {
void ModalDialogCallbackDecimation(){
  cmd("$DialogButton#1");/*press Ok*/

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