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[Feature] Colour ID maps


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I would really love 3dc to support colour ID. Maps for assigning textures, I know it’s possible to do it, By using layers in photoshop, but it’s not great, especially when you only have limited layers on your license.

i only use 3dc for texturing and this missing feature is driving me to use other (free) software, which is a shame. So, is this something that might be supported in future?

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+1  Heavily missing currently. Meanwhile other software even advanced their usage of an id map. In Marmoet Toolbag 4 I can simply grab any layer from the stack and drag it onto your mesh, which then turns into a color id map view and you can assign the layer to be restricted to the specific color id:

The fill selection tools in 3D coat are next to none, no question. You can cut out or fill any area fairly quickly. But having something like this in 3D Coat would make it even more powerful and quicker.

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On 9/9/2021 at 9:57 PM, Carlosan said:


It is a nice video showing how to "do it" in 3D Coat. The boat looks amazing.

The process is too cumbersome, though. It is by far not the same as it is in Marmoset or Substance Painter, where you can simply bake IDs from your High Poly Materials onto your low poly and are good to go.

And this is without polluting your layer stack with multiple layers to represent just some colors. The ID map is used in the background, it should not be part of the layer stack at all.

As much as I start to love 3D Coat texturing for its incredible hands-on experience, this particular area of using ID maps is a huge shortcoming in the software's texturing workflow.

Workaround for this is not enough imo. I would suggest incorporating this into the software.

Getting super standard features like this into 3D Coat will only make the program even more powerful.

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