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Текстурирование / проблема на стыках


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Здравствуйте, подскажите возможно ли решить данную проблему? При нанесение материала на модель, в некоторых местах на её стыках остаются пробелы.


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As i can see (opening on external app)

Model is not on global space 0,0,0 (that shouldn't be a problem) 

UV islands are not on UV space 0,0  (that shouldn't be a problem) 

Island are overlapped = paint strokes/fills are overlapped


Use this settings at import to paint over 2 separated Surface Materials without overlapped Uvs

Hope it help




2materials to paint.jpg



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I found out: if you set auto-mapping when you open the file,
the result of the drawing is very good and no
gaps when painting stitches.

But at the same time, the UV mapping changes a lot((((I can’t change it).
Maybe there is a solution that will not affect the existing UV? 
What version of the program did you use to open my file?



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