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Gary Dave

[Bug] Ghosting/Hiding/Isolating in Retopo room + Strange selection behaviour.

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Hello! I can no longer seem to ghost/hide or isolate vox tree layers from the retopo room via keyboard shortcuts. It was working just fine up until this morning. I've checked the hot-keys assigned to these functions and all is well. It works fine in the sculpt room. I can still use the H key to select vox tree layers in the retopo room, but things like G and Shift + V have stopped working. I also have my own hot key to isolate objects, which again works fine in sculpt room, but not in retopo. I can still manually click the ghost/eye icons on layers, but this is not ideal as I'm dealing with many layers.

Version 4.9.37 (but again, it was working fine yesterday). 

As a side note, I don't know if the key has some additional functionality built into it, but when using it on a voxel layer I often get a pop-up about some surface mode function. I think it has to do with some sort of colour info that's on my layer? Though I have no idea where this keeps coming from. It clearly says that I'm trying to turn on surface mode, which I'm not... I'm just using H to select a layer, and then it says the volume contains stored colour, but like I said, I have no idea how this keeps happening. I'm not painting on it, I'm only working in sculpt and retopo rooms.


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Bug confirmed and reported.

Thx for point it up.

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