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An issue with 3D-COAT

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I've been practicing making "skins" for a video game I play just for the sake of learning. I could make a few but then I ran into an issue with the program. Whenever I go to edit projections in my ext. editor (Photoshop) it messes up the lighting completely and ruins the picture I add. (For example the one I've attached to this message.)

I didn't have this problem yesterday, it occurred today, just a few hours before. I reset all my settings back to default, yet it still didn't help in any way.

I apologize if this was the wrong place to message for help about this, didn't find a place in your forums for that. The categories were irrelevant, and then there was one for "SOS only urgent matters", an since this isn't SOS urgent, I can't post there.

If there's a solution to this problem, I would be really thankful.

Have a nice week!
Santeri K



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I think the scope is causing this, because it has two ovals that overlap the entire texture. You must hide it in the UV Texture Editor by selecting the hide tool, displaying UV on top of the texture, and clicking on the two ovals that overlap across the entire texture. Project it back to Photoshop, undo, and save again.


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