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[Solved] Sculpting impossible: SYMMETRY BROKEN!!!!

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Hello, guys!!

After a while using Zbrush and other stuff in my workflow, I've decided to go back to 3D Coat.

It was amazing at first. I was preparing models to be printed. Smooth.

And next on the line was to sculpt a simple piece for 3D print. "piece of cake" I thought, but then the nightmare begin. 

After a while the symmetry stop working properly. Why properly? Because what I do on one size turns in something insane on the other side. The sculpture turns in a bizarre mass of crazy strokes, overlapping polygons and other crazy stuff. 

I need to deliver this sculpt today. Looks like 3D Coat abandoned me :( 


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Hey Carlosan, thanks for your reply!

I don't think this is the problem. I've tried another model without no references whatsoever and same errors happens.

I'm doomed. The deadline approaches and I'm doomed!!! 



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Hey, Carlosan, sorry for not responding your latest post; I had to do the job somehow and ended doing it in Zbrush.

I didn't try these mesh repair options. I have several models to do in the near future but now I'm afraid to use 3D Coat to do them, although I prefer it instead of Zbrush.

I'm included a part of the model I've shown in the earlier post. I've tried to include the entire model but it was too big to be accept by the forum.





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omg I didn't realize it was a beta version.

Where can I download the stable version? I've got a lot of work to do and about 90% of them are way better to do in 3D Coat

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Hi, everyone!

First of all, thank you so much for the help given so far. 

So... I've tried a different model (sorry for the red, I didn't realize that I could just turn off the image. There are NDAs on this one), and got the same issues. Not only it doesn't get the symmetry working, but it destroys one of the sides. I actually can sculpt with the symmetry off, but all the work I have atm have tight deadlines and sculpt without symm is very time consuming.

Any other ideas? I'll try to see if there's a way to download a stable older version. Maybe it solve the problem.

Meanwhile I stay here waiting. Once again, thanks!! 


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And sorry but i repeat, reference image panel must be closed once the pic is attached. Close it

Close it.jpg

After select a reference images, you close the popup window ?

The edit box must be closed to continue sculpting, is a popup only used for placement, etc...

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Hey, guys! Hey Carlos! 

Things are bad around here. The dollar now worth 2000x the brazilian money and I'm not able to rent it anymore. 

Does we have anything to do to correct this issue so I can move all my projects to 3D Coat? I work with collectibles so the sculpt function of 3DCoat is one of most important to me. 

I'm posting a video show more or less what happens (and yes, move is by far one of the tools I use the most)

Do you guys have other ideas? THank you very much in advance! 

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Move tool is used for move topological geometry, not for sculpt.

And remember to turn ignore backfaces off


This video demonstrates the Move Tool in 3DCoat's Sculpt Workspace. Not only does it move/shift geometry around in the viewport, with the CTRL key held down, it can be used with any brush alpha, as an interactive extrusion tool....allowing the user to make slight adjustments to the depth of the extrusion, on the fly.


Hope it help.

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  • Carlosan changed the title to [Solved] Sculpting impossible: SYMMETRY BROKEN!!!!

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