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UI/Workspace is not saved, other bizzareness with UI


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3D-Coat doesn't save the workspace I've been using. On every startup it defaults back to the original. Kind of. There's an exception though. If I drag the tool panels on the right from their docked positions, they just kind of disappear. Same happens if I try to customize the UI.


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I've deleted the folders in Documents. Nothing works. This same behaviour has occured on 4.9.49 and now on 4.9.53 and this is starting to piss me off.

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Sorry I'm late to the update party, but I'm having similar issues with buggy UI since updating to 4.95.65

It seems to remember my floating panel positions (for some, but not others) but always has them closed when restarting app.

The color palette for example I like to keep floating with the "quad" picker, but every time I restart 3dc I have to re-enable it in the menu and it always pops up in the default "bar" picker that I would then need to change back to "quad" every time.

Previous version (4.8.15) would just auto save floating panel location/position/display/settings on exit and restart the same way as before without any problems.

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