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Painting with literally any brush creates white glitch artifact lines

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I've used 3d Coat for years, and I am five minutes away from just giving up on this endlessly buggy program.

I have a brand new computer, and a brand new install of the latest 3d Coat download. Everything was working fine this morning. I was painting with no issues.

Suddenly, without warning, and without me changing ANY settings, the program is doing this to my mesh, which as of an hour ago, I was painting with no problems. Again, I have not changed any settings. These are the default brushes. I have not edited the brush settings. I did not change any uvs. I did not edit the mesh. I did not edit my layer structure. It doesn't matter what brush I use, what layer I use, whether I close the program or restart my entire computer.

Every time I go to paint with a default brush, I get unacceptable artifact lines all over my model randomly in the viewport. Texturing on the texture editor is fine, but if I wanted to texture that way, I wouldn't be using and paying for 3d Coat for my work, now, would I?

I use 3d Coat for my professional job as a 3d artist, and now I'm unable to do my work, and I'm wasting hours of my work day posting in a bug forum that has terrible support, but hey, lets give it a shot. What is my program doing, and how do I fix it asap.






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View > Show Voxels in Paint Room, is turned off ?

Edit > Preferences > Sculpt Layers, is turned off ?


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13 hours ago, drysider said:

latest 3d Coat

It might sound strange, but it might not be a good idea. I mean, you can try the older version.

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