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Vox Hide Square selection, weird cursor offset


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Hey guys,

Not sure if this is a bug but it's definitely weird behavior, when in Vox Hide with a square selection, there is a big offset between the cursor and the selection. Doesnt happen with rectangle selection.

It's still somewhat usable but not optimal.. I can use rectangle selection instead for now.

What do you guys think, bug or feature \ designed as intended?

Using 4.9.55(DX64)


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Square selection axis is based on square stroke down right corner (on this example).

You can move cursor up/down left/right, but the real proportion is based on the inverse corner to the direction of the drag.


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Yours is much less pronounced, If you look at the screenshot I sent, my selection is on the top of the object while my cursor is basically at the bottom of the shape.

>>> Anyway, cursor offset isnt very comfortable. I agree.  *Reported.

Ah ok good tyvm!

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