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[Bug] Holes in mesh after hitting undo

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The error of square holes appearing after i hit undo is back and happening quite often. I noticed it was solved in an earlier post, but its happening on the latest version. Is there any fix planned? becasue of the job im on, this is a bit urgent



older post I found:


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This happens with a regular low poly mesh in the Paint Room too.

I've had to quit 3DC and lose my last iteration a number of times for this.  When this happens, I can't tell if it is a poly-hiding bug and the geometry is actually still there, or if it's a serious model destroying bug - either way I lose enough confidence in 3DC at that moment that a restart seems like a good idea, and I do that and the holes are gone when I reopen my last saved file (obviously).   But I haven't been able to recreate this regularly enough to file a bug report but it's happened in the last several versions for me.  And I NEVER use voxels or scupt hardly - always low poly game models and it still happens.

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Yes i can confirm what sometimes holes appears, to me they are not graphics glitch but real holes what should be fixed by mesh doctor tools etc. I really do not know why people do not complain about that.
And other glitch but nobody react to this. 

I really do not understand, i am new to 3dcoat is it me what makes mistake? But if i just trying something to make i see bugs, why other people do not see? Or they not working in 3d coat?
For example i look all tutorials from this channel even author said some words about bugs and glitch some of them still persist. Maybe Andrew should to sculpt something to see how all tools work or not work


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  • Carlosan changed the title to [Bug] Holes in mesh after hitting undo

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